My Ski of Choice

About 2 season ago I got the DPS Yvette 112 Tour1s in pink. These were my first real pair of touring skis, I know pretty lucky. I had gone touring a couple times prior with my family and I liked it, but did not love it. I was on rental boots and skis that did not really fit me. My dad kept saying, “come on this is right up your alley” or “there is no better exercise” and once I got my own set up I really started to see why he loved touring so much. I got to ski where it was less crowded, get better snow, and get a workout in all at the same time. It was like hiking on steroids (way harder). The DPS 112s really have been a great all around touring set. They are a bit on the wider side, however they are still awesome in spring skiing and can hold their own on the chop.

While not my first choice if it is going to be choppy they still get me down the hill in a fairly well. They are also extremely light. I never really realized how light they were until I picked up someone else’s set up. I can lift these skis up with a couple fingers.

In January, I brought this ski to Japan. It was the perfect Japan touring ski. I actually used it the whole trip whether I was in bounds or out of bounds. While not ideal to use AT bindings in the resort I did not want to haul 2 pairs of skis all the way to Japan. The ski is really playful and keeps you right on top of the snow. With that being said I am also on the lighter side so that probably also comes into play.

I have the Fritsche Tecton 12 bindings, which is a light AT binding. It has the typical pin binding at the toes, but the back is a little more alpine styled than a normal pin binding.

As you can see in the picture to the left the back of the binding looks a lot more like a traditional resort binding.

Personally I really like this binding because it is light, easy to use, and releases a little better than a normal AT binding. 

            The only place where this ski is not my favorite is when it is wind blown. Wind blown skiing is never fun though, so i’ll cut the skis some slack! Since this ski is so light it does not cut through the crust very well. When the snow is good the skis are amazing, but when the snow gets crusty the ski does not hold up as well. For choppy snow I would prefer to be skiing a heavier ski that will just crush through everything. I definitely don’t want to be floating in that stuff. On icy groomers I also have noticed that the skies are pretty choppy. Since these skis are for touring I cannot really complain because they are not meant to be on groomers anyways.


            All in all, these skis are the best for touring in powder. They are light on the trip up and fun and floaty on the way down. Whether it is boot top, knee deep, or face shots this ski is FUN!


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