Many of us skiers experience the same sadness every year when the snow begins to melt and ski season ends. Looking up at the peaks and seeing the little snow that remains just at the top is just a reminder that another winter will arrive eventually. The end of ski season also brings many options for cross training. Staying in shape for skiing in the summer is a priority so we can all go back and get some killer turns right off the bat.

What can skiers do to stay in shape during the summer months?

One option is to get out on your mountain bike or road bike. Both of these activities keep up your aerobic fitness as well as help keep those quad muscles strong. All the climbing on the road and the trail is sure to keep you in shape throughout summer. Plus you’ll have a lot of fun doing it!

If you don’t have a bike or aren’t too keen on riding, there are other options for you. Trail running or hiking is also a great option for skiers in the summer months. Just like biking you will keep those leg muscles strong as well as really build up your aerobic fitness. You can go hike up the mountains that you usually skin up!

Strength training and yoga are also great additions, not just in the summer, but during the ski season too. Strength training will help to minimize the risk of injury. By strengthening your muscles you will be able to do those long resort days. The stabilization that yoga requires is great for strengthening your muscles. Yoga requires lots of core stabilization which will help when downhill skiing.  It is important to do lots of strength training and stretching so you can stay active longer and feel better doing it.


  • Single legged Bulgarian split squat with or without weight (3 sets of 12 on each leg)

split squat

  • Single leg deadlift (3 sets of 10)

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 8.48.45 PM.png

  • Box jumps (3 sets of 15)

box jump

  • Single legged Bosu ball glute bridge (3 sets of 10 on each leg)

bosu bridge

  • Weighted or unweighted Bosu ball squats (3 sets of 10)


  • Battle ropes on Bosu ball (3 sets of 30 seconds)

battle ropes.jpg

  • Bosu ball ski moguls (3 sets of 30 seconds)


  • Single legged bench step up (3 sets of 10 on each leg)

step ups.png

  • Single legged calf raises (3 sets of 15 on each leg)

calf raise.jpg

Lastly, if you are by the ocean or a lake there are options for you to stay in ski shape while still enjoying various other summer activities. Paddle boarding requires lots of stabilization just like yoga. When paddle boarding you are constantly balancing and engaging your leg and core muscles. The stance when paddle boarding is comparable to your stance when downhill skiing. For the more adventurous people surfing is also an option. Not only is surfing a good full body work out it is great for strengthening your legs and core! When standing up, surfing the wave you are working on stabilization and helping yourself become a better skier! So get out there and catch all the waves you want this summer!

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