Packing For An International Trip

Packing for an international trip can be tough, especially when you get all your ski equipment involved. Luckily, after years of experience I have some tips that can ensure you will not forget the necessary items.

PRO TIP #1: Lay out everything you think you will need on your ski trip about a week in advance. By packing in advance you can make sure that you have not forgotten anything and throughout the week you can think of the items you could have forgotten. This is the method that Ian and I used when packing for the trip we are currently on in Chile.

In terms of ski clothes each of us packed:


  • 5 pairs of ski socks
  • 2 Eddie Bauer half zip fleeces
  • 2 pairs of long underwear pants
  • 1 long sleeve thermal shirt
  • Patagonia Nanopuff
  • Patagonia Gore-Tex shell
  • Patagonia Gore-Tex pants
  • Arkteryx Gore-Tex pants


  • 6 pairs of ski socks
  • 1 pair of heated ski socks
  • 4 sports bras
  • 2 pairs of thick leggings
  • 5 long sleeve ski under layer shirts
  • 2 Patagonia Nanopuffs
  • Armada Gore-Tex ski jacket
  • Strafe Gore-Tex bib pants

We both made it our mission to pack light on this trip since we are going to be moving around from place to place a lot. With that being said, it is very hard to pack light for a trip that will be around 2 weeks long. In addition to our ski stuff, we also packed street clothes for going around Santiago as well as going to dinner around the ski towns at night.

PRO TIP #2: When packing for a trip where you will be going from place to place a good way to pack your clothing so you can see them is to roll each item. By rolling each item you can stack all your clothes neatly so they can be easily grabbed when needed. Not only is this method of packing convenient, it also saves you tons of space in your bag. Rolling clothing items is more compact than the traditional folding or throwing clothes into a bag and hoping for the best!

PRO TIP #3: If you are traveling internationally for a long period of time and are also trying to pack light I recommend packing a small container of detergent, such as Woolite. This way you can easily hand wash items such as socks, underwear, and other under layers that are prone to getting dirty as you shred the powder.

We packed 3 bags for this trip. Two medium sized duffle bags and one ski bag. In the ski bag we put our skis, poles, skins, and other items such as gloves and hats. By putting these items in a ski bag it leaves you more room in your luggage for clothing and it also lightens your carry-ons.

We carried on 3 backpacks. We each carried on our ski pack. We filled them with snacks for touring, our computers, and various chargers. We also carried on a boot bag.

PRO TIP #4: Carry your ski boots onto the plane. When going on an international ski trip, or any ski trip for that matter I highly recommend having your ski boots as a carry on. My reasoning for this is because you can always rent skis if the airport loses your bags or borrow some clothes from a friend, but you probably will not be too happy shoving your foot into a rental boot.

It can be daunting to pack for a ski trip, but by following these tips we hope that you have an easier time and an awesome trip!

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