We drove about 8 hours south of Santiago, Chile in the hopes to find more snow. Originally we were supposed to go to Chillán, however last minute we changed plans because the word was that conditions there were less than desirable. Instead, we headed to Corralco. Unfortunately, both Ian and I ended up getting very sick either from contamination in the water or some sort of flu. We did not get to ski at the resort, however as soon as we started feeling better we rallied to go sled skiing. After all we could not bare to miss a cool new experience.

Neither of us had ever been on a snowmobile before. We headed out with my dad Brian and met up with the amazing SledChile team. We were lucky enough to have Skylar Holgate, Cesar Gilbert, and Chris Coulter take us out on our adventure.

Skylar and Brian ready to fly up the hill.

Skylar Holgate is a world renown guide as well as a professional snowboarder. With all of his experience as a guide and knowledge of the mountains he made all of us feel very safe. We got to see his snowboarding expertise when he shredded down an awesome chute on one of our runs of the day.

Cesar Gilbert, who was my driver for the day is the owner of SledChile. He spent over 10 years in the area looking for the best place to take his guests. From just the one day that we spent out there I can say that it was one of the most beautiful areas I have ever seen. He is an expert in snowmobiling in the backcountry and that was very evident as I rode with him throughout the day. He comes from a

Cesar and Allison at the start of the day.

background of motocross and because of that his ability to control the snowmobile is astonishing. When I first got on the snowmobile I was nervous because I had never done anything like it before, but his confidence and abilities made me feel incredibly safe.


Our third guide, Chris Coulter is a heliski and snowmobile guide as well as a professional snowboarder. He is level three avalanche certified, a snowboard patroller, and is a licensed blaster at Silverton Mountain. With all of his experience as a snowboarder as well as a guide it was an honor to get to spend the day with him. Ian rode with him and he said that he, “felt very safe and had the time of his life”.

Chris and Ian hitting the cornice at the top.

After meeting the guides and signing waivers we had a safety talk and then headed out. We were told that just getting to our destination would be an adventure, and it sure was! We snowmobiled out for a little over an hour in order to get to the place we would spend the rest of the day skiing. We shredded through lava fields, over creeks, and up hills. They would let us off to ski the downhills and then they would pick us up at the bottom to continue our journey.

Once we got to our ski spot, which was surrounded by four volcanos, we could see one of the many volcanos of Chile erupting in the distance.

The erupting volcano in the distance.

We bolted up the hills and would get dropped off at the top. We then skied down and immediately got picked back up again. It was some of the most fast paced skiing I have ever done, faster than a helicopter even. Boy was that day a leg burner! Despite not having snowed in awhile our guides were able to find us powdery runs and some of the best conditions of our whole trip.

After a few runs we all started to get hungry, so we took the empanadas that we were given and placed them into metal containers. Our guides then placed the containers close to the engine of the snowmobile and told us that in 2 or 3 more runs lunch would be ready. After taking them out the cheese was all melty and delicious. We sat in the snow and enjoyed our lunch while enjoying our surroundings.

Ian skiing the first bowl we dropped into.

After lunch we continued to ski until around 3:30PM. We then started our journey back home. Once back we were able to get a tour of the property that Cesar owns. It was so beautiful. There is a wood burning hot tub for guests that stay there to use and the guests stay in individual quaint cabins. 

On property they have 24 snowmobiles that they use for their snowmobile camps. We really enjoyed getting to see the property and we could see why they are so proud of it.

It was such a new and fun experience and was by far my favorite day of the trip. The whole day was an adventure. My dad, Ian, and I could not help but smile the whole day.

We would all like to give a huge thanks to everyone from SledChile who made our experience unforgettable. The terrain, guides, and overall experience was nothing less than amazing. If you are ever in Chile, I highly recommend planning a day with SledChile.

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Barbara Eaton · August 7, 2018 at 5:18 am

Makes me wish I’d continued my skiing. Well-written — you made it come alive!

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