The In-Between Season

November 13, 2018

Ski movie premiers are coming out, temperatures are falling, days are getting shorter, and winter is on it’s way! But what do we do while we wait? 

Every year, fall rolls around here on the west coast and it is an incredible time to spend outdoors. The leaves are changing, the temperatures are perfect, and everybody wants to get out and explore whether that be hiking, road biking, mountain biking, you name it. 

As fall goes on, the days are getting shorter, the temperatures are getting colder, and the stoke for winter is rising. But what do we do in the “in-between” season? 

Allison and I spent the summer dripping sweat on Peavine Mountain, where our local mountain bike trails are located. This mountain is very baron. There are very few trees and the rest of the vegetation is sagebrush which provides no shade what so ever. In the summer, you go out there prepared to bake, but the last month and a half of fall has given us amazing temperatures to go out there and ride our mountain bikes without having to worry about heat stroke!  

We went out for a ride on Tuesday, November 13th. It was a little chilly to start but hey, you’re supposed to start cold right? Well this time, it didn’t get warmer, We weren’t dressed for the cold nor were we expecting it to be that cold. On our way down the mountain, our fingers and toes were in pain and we were just barely able to hold onto our handlebars. 

So, now that’s it cold enough to make mountain biking a bit frigid, what do we do in this weird awkward in-between season? 

Twiddle our thumbs?


We like to keep ourselves busy and try new things! 

To keep our fitness up: 

We have been going to the gym with specific training for skiing. Lots of squats and core! You can check out some good gym exercises with our article: Best Ways to Stay in Shape for Skiing During the Summer. Along with these exercises, we have been hitting the stair master in preparation for touring! 

We joined a Spartan Race club at the University of Nevada Reno! These are obstacle races where there are a bunch of different obstacles that you have to complete and you have to run in between each obstacle. This club will be super fun and keep us in great shape with weekly workouts! 

We changed it up and went rock climbing as well! Granted it was in a gym where it was nice and warm but it was a killer workout and I am still sore a week later! 

To keep our stoke up: 

New ski movies are coming out, notably All In and Hoji. We went to the All In Ski Movie Premier at Squaw Valley about a month ago which was fun! But what about all of the older movies? Pull those out and watch the sport evolve! A couple of my favorites are: 

We also skied the White Ribbon of Death at Mt. Rose. Mt. Rose blew snow so that they could open one run on the beginner chair and I have to tell you, it’s weird going up the lift with skis on your feet and dirt below you… 

The key is, keep your fitness up and stay excited for Winter! It is coming! 

Are you ready for winter?

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