Want to ski on an active volcano?

Tour right up to the steam coming out of the ground?

Overlook the entire valley below you?

Then you need to ski at Asahidake in Hokkaido, Japan.

Asahidake is located in Higashikawa, Hokkaido and reaches up to 7,516 feet (2,291 meters) as the tallest mountain on Hokkaido. While there aren’t eruption records for Mount Asahi, carbon dating and other dating methods have shown that the last time it erupted was around 75 years ago. 

We got extremely lucky with the weather the day that we skied here. Historically, it is incredibly windy and a lot of the time socked in but when we arrived, there wasn’t a breath of wind and the skies were clear.

There is only one gondola at Asahidake with no lifts. Everything funnels back to the bottom of this gondola. 

The resort has a very backcountry like feel to it because of this, which was interesting! Most people lined up for the gondola with their pin bindings and touring boots. 

At the top of the gondola, you could see the steam coming out of the volcano just above you. Most people just toured up to check out the steam but there were quite a few others taking advantage of the perfect weather to climb to the top. 

On top of the weather being perfect, there was also a couple inches of fresh snow for us to enjoy! 

I know… surprise, there was powder in Japan?? But this resort is known for being very windy causing the snow to be crusty and wind blown. Just another thing we were lucky to enjoy at Asahidake!

Check out their website for ticket prices and to see live cameras of conditions here: 

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